Trimble Business Center Training

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Trimble Business Center is a powerful “field-to-finish” software, capable of sifting 2D, 3D and point cloud data plus crafting complex models and sophisticated deliverables. All of these functionalities and processes can be overwhelming to some surveying professionals, but Allen Instruments & Supplies can provide assistance with our continuing education programs for TBC.

We’re based in regions of Arizona and southern California, developing and hosting lessons to better integrate this software into each company’s workflow. Here’s how you can benefit from TBC training.

1. Improved Workflow Efficiency

Trimble Business Center is designed to simplify the surveyor’s job. To take full advantage of the program, one has to know its many functions for managing data and ultimately reducing the time frames required for project completion. If your team understands the full capabilities of TBC, you’ll avoid having to dial somebody for technical support when there’s work to stay ahead of.

2. Hands-on Instruction

Learning by doing is a guiding principle in education. These training opportunities go beyond reading tutorials and old-fashioned trial and error. Receive direct instruction from experts in Trimble Business Center who can troubleshoot, break functions down step-by-step and answer questions. Our courses are a chance to practice these skills first-hand and bring them to the office.

3. Ongoing Advancement

Trimble Business Center is not a “finished” product — much like the industry itself, it’s updating and innovating, adding new capabilities that you can learn about and implement on the job. Investing in education will allow you and your team to stay at the forefront of this changing landscape and receive certifications to prove your expertise to your clients.

What Courses Do We Offer?

In addition to being a longtime dealer of Trimble products, Allen Instruments & Supplies is a certified training company for Trimble Business Center. We have industry experts on-hand to guide novice users toward becoming fully certified TBC operators.

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The Trimble Business Center fundamentals we can teach include creating projects and templates, explaining the user interface and settings and generating reports. Additional material covers working with data from sources such as GNSS, total stations and digital levels as well as selecting different graphical views. We’ll also teach attendees how to import, manipulate and process point cloud data within TBC after using scanning instruments. And that’s only the beginning of what we can do to increase your team’s knowledge and effectiveness.

Customized Courses

We understand that one-size-fits-all approaches to training might not cover what topics are most relevant to you. We’ll be happy to help build a unique training course for your organization and prioritize the applications of TBC that you’re most interested in. Reach out to the Allen Instruments & Supplies representative in your area to start coordinating with us for the perfect lesson.

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