Total Station Training

Total stations appear more and more often on today’s jobsites around the globe. They’ve become a necessary tool for surveying organizations to enhance their operations. As versatile as this equipment is, the broad functions of total stations can sometimes be intimidating to companies just beginning to adopt these instruments, particularly with robotics involved.

At Allen Instruments & Supplies, one of our goals as a leading total station training company is to help your team integrate this equipment into your workflow. We’re here to serve your firm and boost the quality in your field with affordable continuing education courses. Your team can benefit from training in a number of ways, some of which follow.

1. Increased Workflow Efficiency

It all starts with understanding the ins and outs of your equipment’s many features. Total station training courses will teach you and your employees how to use the full capabilities of your instruments. You’ll gain knowledge to ensure higher accuracy on the job along with time-saving strategies to apply to all kinds of standard surveying tasks. Effectively organizing and leveraging your collected data will boost your overall productivity from the site to the office.

2. Hands-on Experience

Expert total station training opportunities are more significant than something you can get out of a manufacturer’s manual or read about online. Courses place the technology in front of a user, allowing them to acquire skills and familiarize themselves first-hand with key processes. Best of all, this personalized experience lets users learn straight from an industry expert, who can be there to answer immediate questions.

3. Continual Advancement

Stay ahead of the curve within the industry and learn about the newer technologies rolling out from the leading manufacturers. While Allen Instruments is always available to provide technical support, there’s an advantage to acquainting your workers with the evolving field today — and that’s having the edge over your competitors.

What Courses Do We Offer?

Allen Instruments & Supplies provides total station training services that are accessible to all geospatial professionals, from the fledgling surveyor in the field to the supervisor at a construction company. As a Trimble authorized dealer, we’ve developed valuable courses around this manufacturer’s total station models.

We can teach the basics of using Trimble’s total stations to complete common surveying tasks effectively, for example, and also cover routine checks that workers can conduct to adjust the instrument and keep it running smoothly. In most cases, more advanced lessons will combine data collection with methods to seamlessly exchange data between units and CAD software found in the office for producing high-quality deliverables.

Customized Courses

If you’re looking for a personalized total station training course for your company, speak to an Allen Instruments & Supplies representative in your part of Arizona or southern California. We’re prepared to build a comprehensive program structured around what your workers need to learn the most, highlighting valuable information for you.

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