In this article we explain how to take photos when using Trimble Access on the new TSC5 data collector. The TSC5 is equipped with a high-resolution 13mp camera, but users accustomed to Trimble’s previous data collectors having cameras (including the TSC3 and TSC7) may notice a significant difference. The TSC5 does not have a dedicated or “shared” camera key on the keyboard!

Fortunately, taking photos on the TSC5 is easy, especially when using Trimble Access.  Within Access, you can open the camera, take your photos, and then, if desired, link one or more photos to previously measured or next points. The photos can then be viewed or exported directly or can be imported along with field data into Trimble Business Center.  When viewed in TBC, this can be a valuable descriptive tool for identifying and documenting specific features and attributes.

The provided short video demonstrates the steps for taking photos and using the Trimble Access photo tools.  For those wishing to use the camera externally, the TSC5, like many cell phones, comes pre-installed with a convenient camera application that can be used for capturing photos and videos.  Enjoy!

Summary of the Procedure:

  • Open Access and begin your job.
  • To take photos from the Measure or Stakeout routines, click the 3-horizontal “menu lines” in the upper-left corner of the display.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Instrument.
  • Select Camera (camera is designed to autofocus).
  • Frame your intended subject and tap the “camera” icon on right side of display.
  • Tap the “check mark” in lower right of the display.
  • You will be returned to Access where you can link the image to a previous point, next point, a selected point, job, or to none.
  • Select Accept in lower-right corner to accept and finalize your capture. That’s it!

Hope this proves helpful and we’ll see you next month.