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TruPulse 360 Series Rangefinder

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TruPulse 360 Series Rangefinder

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TruPulse 360 Series has an integrated compass that allows you to measure azimuth which enhances the Missing Line routine. This is a simple 2-shot routine that instantly calculates the distance, inclination and azimuth direction value between any two remote points.

Using our exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology built in the TruPulse 360 Series, you can now obtain the best possible azimuth accuracy regardless of what pitch or angle you shoot from. No other compass laser range finder can do that.

The 360R laser rangefinder offers all of the same functionality as the 360, but with the added benefit of being rugged and waterproof. Now professionals have the opportunity to work out in the field knowing their equipment is protected for harsher weather conditions.

All TruPulse laser rangefinders have onboard solutions that will calculate a height or clearance value of any target, under the most challenging conditions and also have built-in Targeting Modes for Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter/Reflector.

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