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Spectra Geospatial SP60 GNSS Receiver

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The Spectra Geospatial SP60 is a new generation GNSS receiver offering a high level of flexibility to cover any survey demand from simple post processing, through standard UHF or unique Long Range Bluetooth base and rover systems to sophisticated RTK and RTX rover solutions.

Combining the unique all-signals-tracking and processing Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology and L-band capability for satellite-delivered RTX service, the SP60 receiver provides the most reliable measurements and the highest possible accuracy under any conditions and in any place the world.

Extremely scalable and versatile, SP60 can respond to any type of surveying job, starting with a simple L1 GPS only post-processing solution up to dual-frequency GNSS network RTK rover. SP60 integrates powerful Long Range Bluetooth capabilities opening new operation modes to surveyors.

Now, the Bluetooth wireless communication can be used as an alternative radio link between base and rover for a few hundred meters range making this solution very attractive for small site surveys.

Easier and simpler than UHF radio, and without any need for a license this can be a very efficient way to quickly setup a short range base rover solution.

The patented UHF antenna, set inside the fiberglass rod, extends the range of RTK radio performance and provides protection at the same time. All these enhancements make the design of SP60 GNSS receiver unique and powerful.

Spectra Geospatial Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software provides an easy-to use, yet powerful GNSS workflow, letting the surveyor concentrate on getting the job done.

Spectra Geospatial Survey Office Software provides a complete office suite for data processing and Spectra Geospatial Central cloud computing solution offers a simple to use pathway to data exchange and management.

Moreover, combined with the most advanced and rugged field data collectors from Spectra Geospatial, SP60 is a very powerful and complete solution.

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