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Spectra Geospatial SP20 GNSS Handheld

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Spectra Geospatial SP20 GNSS Handheld

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Call for Pricing: AZ 800-272-0180 | CA: 800-215-2737

The Spectra Geospatial SP20 handheld GNSS receiver combines, innovative, camera-enabled data collection workflow with a high level of performance in an ergonomic, scalable solution (from meter to centimeter accuracy).

Rugged and lightweight, the SP20 is easy-to use and highly accurate. It is the optimal tool not only for cadastral, construction, or topo surveys, but also for a range of GIS projects, including data collection, inspection and maintenance.

The 5.3-inch screen delivers vivid visuals of workflow, which enables precise 2D handheld logging. And the system's high degree of accuracy can be enhanced with a monopole accessory to deliver solid, survey-grade 3D measurements.

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