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SECO 5801-10 Telescoping Prism Poles with QLV Locking Mechanism, Dual Grads, Adjustable Tip

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This telescoping pole with the new SECO QLV™ locking mechanism is easily the most user-friendly prism pole on the market.

The QLV (Quick Lever with Vial) locking assembly keeps the high-vis 40-minute vial on the lock itself, out of the way of other accessories like data collector clamps and bipods that need space on the pole.

This new ‘positive locking’ mechanism is fast and simple to use, it’s also simple to service - the lever tension is adjustable allowing the user to customize the amount of locking pressure.

The high-vis vial features 40-minute sensitivity (other bubbles available) and easy access top screws for quick calibration.

This QLV pole utilizes the newest lightweight metal hybrid adjustable tip for accurate prism height. It also features dual graduations.

The poles extend to 8.53 ft (2.60 m) and collapse to 4.97 ft (1.52 m).

The pole models shown weigh approximately 2.95 lb (1.34 kg).

Made in the USA.

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