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Delair UX11 UAV

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Aerial Intelligence is redefined with the UX11. The UX11 by DELAIR is the ultimate solution for geospatial professionals that demand large-area mapping with centimeter-level precision.
The new UX11 is a sleek, fixed-wing UAV with a fully-integrated camera which enables data to be consulted in real-time while in flight and allows for onboard processing capabilities. The UX11’s groundbreaking communications system includes a proprietary line of sight radio with up to 3 km range and 3G/4G connectivity between the ground control station and the UAV. This next-generation communications system makes the UX11 ready for BVLOS flights with unlimited range and adds a new level of safety in the communications link. The system is more capable than any small fixed-wing mapping drone in its class with the best coverage and resolution specifications for flights at 122 m (400 ft) AGL.

Map large areas faster - cover 2,1 km² (520 acres) with 1.7 cm GSD at 122 m flight height. Industrial camera with optional PPK activation for surveygrade results down to 1 cm precision. BVLOS-ready communications - mobile connectivity via 3G network (4G-ready) for unlimited range or optional radio link.

Precise takeoffs and landings - high-angle (30 degrees) takeoffs and landings for use in confined areas, low-speed landing using distance measurement technology.
Easy-to-use Android™ mission planning and monitoring app - pre-flight checklist, no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data review.
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