In this blog article, you can watch a video lesson on how to perform a site calibration using local coordinates in Trimble Access.

Performing site calibrations can be a critical skill when using GNSS RTK systems. Site calibrations create a mathematical relationship between how GNSS perceives global positions and relates these to tangible grid coordinates and benchmarks on the ground.  When successfully performed, site calibrations allow the GNSS to measure and stakeout relative to local grid coordinates and can also help users evaluate the quality and accuracy of their survey control.

I’ve split up this procedure into two blog articles and videos. In this first blog article/video, we will perform a simplified classic multipoint calibration with an emphasis on procedure and the steps required to complete a calibration successfully.

To help new users better understand, we’ll demonstrate within a small area using simple dimensions and coordinates. The concepts, however, can easily be applied to much larger sites and projects.

Experienced users will know that many variations are possible when performing site calibrations, so this article should not suggest there is only one way to do things. Rather, it is meant to provide a starting point and help new users successfully build knowledge and skill. We hope you find it helpful. If you’d like more information on jobsite calibration contact us >>