Are you a Trimble Access user? If so, have you ever wanted to check settings or procedures on your Trimble Access data collector, but were prevented from doing so because an instrument was not readily available?

For this month’s blog, we’ve created two short videos: one for Access v2017 and one for Access v2020 that will show just how easy it is to create a “Total Station Emulator” Survey Style.

The “Total Station Emulator” Survey Style will allow you to simulate connection to an actual instrument, then manually input angles and distances for doing setups, topographic surveys, staking and access to other useful settings. This can be a handy tool for practicing, inspecting data, supporting your crews and exploring different settings and routines!


Watch the TSC7 v2020 Total Station Emulation and Setup video where we perform a station setup and store points with a simulated instrument:

Watch the TSC3 v2017 Total Station Emulation and Setup video where we walk you through the settings you’ll use to perform a simple station simulated setup: