Laser Equipment Repair

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Precision laser equipment is an essential tool for every jobsite. Applications vary from general construction and surveying work to slope measurement, trenching, pipe laying and many more. No matter what model you depend on to give you confidence in surveying, this technology will last longer with the proper care.

Regular calibration checks are a key factor, but so is safeguarding the equipment’s physical condition as it withstands years of use out in the elements. At Allen Instruments & Supplies, we’re committed to preserving the reliability of your laser survey equipment and delivering fast, professional service if anything suddenly goes wrong.

Do You Need Laser Survey Equipment Repaired?

What Do We Offer?

Our full-service centers can provide routine care and calibration services, as well as major fixes when they’re required. We can also repair the receivers and remotes used to control your modern laser equipment.

Allen Instruments & Supplies has the knowledge to handle all varieties of laser surveying instruments, including laser levels like grade, rotary, pipe and the entire list of products utilizing this technology, such as digital levels and total stations. Below are examples of what we provide.

Emergency Repairs

If you run into trouble without much warning, we’ll be there to help. With our emergency repair services, we can:

  • Fix or replace broken or damaged parts
  • Repair optical elements or the laser itself
  • Swap faulty wiring and connections for electronic components

Preventative Maintenance

To keep your equipment in its best condition, we’ll:

  • Calibrate the accuracy of horizontal, vertical or grade
  • Clean the laser and the device’s internal and external surfaces
  • Test the power of the display, keypads and other functions

One of our specialties is certifying through our laser level calibration services that your equipment reaches the specifications set by the manufacturer. We have a laser range in our facilities to do just that.

Our factory-authorized service locations are well-equipped with all the tools and components for any make and model, including Spectra Precision and Trimble, two industry leaders in laser equipment. Our trained technicians will also service most other brands.

While your laser equipment remains at our repair shop, we’re open to supplying a rental model for the duration you require. We loan many of the models we frequently service at flexible rates, and can likely provide a unit your workers are familiar with. Each rental instrument receives a calibration tune-up, so you can keep staking and planning sites with precision.

How Can You Schedule Service With Us?

You can bring your laser equipment directly to one of our four stores, which are located in Scottsdale, AZ, and Anaheim, Escondido and Ventura, CA. If you can’t stop in, you can ship an instrument from anywhere you are — just print and complete our downloadable form and place it inside a secure package.

Remember to give us as much information as you can about your equipment issues and what features need an evaluation by our technicians. More details will create a narrower focus for the diagnostics, enabling us to share our most reasonable cost estimate for you and return the laser equipment to you sooner.

Contact Our Full-Service Centers Today

Trust the laser level repair company with the greatest degree of industry expertise you’ll find throughout Arizona and southern California — trust Allen Instruments & Supplies. Reach out to us online or call 480.994.1306 today to receive an estimate and begin scheduling a service appointment.


laser equipment being repaired