Surveyors… Do you use the National Geodetic Survey’s “OPUS” service for post processing data?  Did you know Trimble Business Center can streamline this and help avoid file conversion hassles, antenna height errors, and other possible issues? This month’s video shows how to use TBC for sending GNSS data files to the free NGS “OPUS” service for post processing.

​In this video, we’ll take a Trimble GNSS raw static data file and send it to the NGS OPUS post processing service using TBC’s built in Processing Services routine.  Once the corrected results are returned via email (usually just minutes later), the refined coordinates can easily be imported directly into existing TBC projects using the handy XML attachment that is automatically included with the OPUS report!  We will continue this topic next month with a video on how the corrected OPUS position can be used to refine your RTK survey data.