In this blog article we’ll be looking at the Trimble Installation Manager utility, and how this easy-to-use free program can help you install software and keep your instruments running at their peak. It will also keep you informed of the latest version information, download release notes, install new feature licenses, and more!

Just like maintenance on your home or vehicle, keeping your instrument and controller firmware up to date is critical for the best performance. Staying current with enhancements, bug fixes and driver updates are all necessary maintenance. Fortunately, Trimble Installation Manager, or “TIM” for short is a free utility available to help simplify the process. In a later installment, we’ll use TIM to update an instrument and demo a version of Trimble Access for use on the desktop computer!

To summarize, here are the steps:

  • Go to
  • Select “Installation Manager” from the Support Products A-Z list.
  • From the on-screen menu, select “TIM for Windows – Online.”
  • Click on the download link to begin the download.
    • On some browsers, you may need to right-mouse click and select “Save link as…”
  • When successfully saved to your PC, select the “TrimbleInstallationManager.msi” file to begin installation.
    • If you are using a “work” computer, you will typically need Administrative Rights to install software. Please check with your IT specialist.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to install TIM.

Once TIM is successfully installed, it can be used. It can also be installed directly on Windows-10 controllers such as the TSC7, T10 and T7 tablets. Because TIM is so versatile and instruments and updates can vary, the following may not apply in every situation, but should give a good general idea:

  • Ensure you are online and launch the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) utility from the desktop shortcut.
  • If TIM has not been used in a while, it may update itself first! If this is the case, follow the onscreen prompts and allow the software to update to latest version.
  • Confirm you are eligible to install or update the firmware on your device. Many Trimble instruments require a current software maintenance warranty first. If you are uncertain of your warranty status, check with Allen Instruments or your Trimble dealer. We can help you determine your warranty status and let you know what the requirements are to renew or extend your warranty.
  • Connect your instrument to the PC. Usually the connection is a cable connection but can vary significantly between instruments. Click the “? Help” menu in the lower left corner of TIM to access specific instrument help information.
  • Ensure the appropriate category or device is selected on the left side of the TIM screen.
  • When you have a successful connection, you will see several possible updates checked “on” by default. This is fine. As an option, you may also wish to ensure the “English” or appropriate language and help is “on”.
  • Ensure “Latest Release” or desired version is selected in the upper-right side of TIM.
  • Click “Install” in the lower-right corner of TIM.
  • Follow any onscreen prompts and allow to install. When complete, click “Finish” in the lower-right of TIM.  Depending on your PC, device, and internet connection speed, this may take several minutes or more.