Mobile Scanning 3D Equipment

GPS technology gives modern surveyors more flexibility to map diverse environments, but these capabilities have a few limitations. There are some spaces that satellite signals can’t reach, such as within large facilities and underground. Other environments have complex, multi-room or multi-level floor arrangements, where navigating a rolling trolley is difficult. Tripod-based laser scanning takes additional time and patience to set up and sufficiently capture every line of sight.

3D mobile mapping equipment can solve these inconveniences and capture every detail. Allen Instruments & Supplies now offers solutions from GeoSLAM, the global leader in 3D geospatial technology. With products and software working together, surveying fieldwork and analysis becomes easier to complete.

Mobile Scanning Technology

It takes only minutes and minimal setup to begin using 3D mobile surveying equipment. A user simply moves around a structure or an outdoor area. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors emit multiple pulses of laser light per second and process their reflections to calculate the distance between objects and the equipment.

After collecting measurement data, GeoSLAM lets users automatically register and upload generated point clouds to their software. In addition, these point clouds can be used by industry-standard CAD applications to transform them into 2D layouts, 3D models, GIS mapping and more.

Become More Efficient On The Jobsite

Equipment Options


With its IP64 rating, the lightweight ZEB REVO is ideal for harsh environments such as underground mines, manholes and other complex spaces. 


The ZEB REVO RT allows you to map the world around you and see what you have collected with any wifi. Scan, visualize and process simultaneously as you walk.


With a range of 100m, the ZEB HORIZON is great for both outdoor and indoor use in compact spaces or areas where features are positioned further apart. 

Benefits of the System

  • Portability: The data logger for these systems are no larger than a backpack, allowing lightweight travel throughout the collection process.
  • Versatility: Projects that are normally off the map can be completed with no GPS signal required. These durable devices also mount to accessories such as a pole or drone for higher ceilinged spaces.
  • Accurate Results: GeoSLAM enables you to map an entire three-story building to an accuracy level of 15 to 30 millimeters in just half an hour.
  • Less Time and Money Spend: Using traditional surveying tools can extend projects for longer durations, but handheld mapping tools rapidly scan areas up to 10 times faster, with little or no disruption to the project site. With the added boost in productivity, 3D mobile scanning saves on costs as well.
  • Minimal Training: A brief manual means that many individuals can effectively survey with GeoSLAM’s handheld mobile mapping equipment.

Industry Applications

3D mobile mapping technology sees increasing use in the construction and surveying industries because of its effectiveness in data and measuring. It’s especially versatile indoors for producing as-built surveys of structures for renovation or real estate purposes. In the mining industry, the technology can go where GPS doesn’t reach below ground. Other applications include property mapping or planning security of campuses such as manufacturing plants, office complexes and retail strips.

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