LiDAR Mapping Equipment

Short for Light Detection and Ranging, LiDAR technology captures man-made and natural surroundings with a laser-based sensing method. These scanning instruments are used in many applications beyond surveying and construction layouts, such as forestry, mining, restoration, urban mapping and more.

LiDAR sensors send out several pulses of light per second toward various surfaces. The beams reflect back toward the sensors, which read and process the signal to calculate the distance between solid objects and the instrument itself. The result is a digital point cloud with numerous elevation points, and software helps with visualizing the geometry.

LiDAR mapping equipment is in high demand because it grants surveyors the ability to collect high-density data on three-dimensional coordinates much quicker than traditional surveying methods. Mobile mapping techniques vastly shorten the time spent on large project sites.

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What Solutions Do We Have?

Allen Instruments & Supplies carries multiple types of LiDAR surveying equipment for sale. See the options below and reach out to our representatives to learn how you can integrate this technology into your projects.

LIDAR mapping data

Mobile LiDAR 3D Scanning Equipment

We’ve partnered with GeoSLAM, the world’s leader in 3D geospatial tech, to deliver a versatile alternative to vehicle or tripod-mounted scanning. These portable handheld LiDAR mapping systems start up quickly and only require an operator to walk through the environment that needs to be captured. 

While most surveyors need training, certification or a second crew member to record measurements using conventional means, a single GeoSLAM user can gather dense, accurate point cloud data with little instruction. The ZEB REVO, ZEB REVO RT and ZEB HORIZON also don’t require a GPS signal to operate.

data collected from drone on tablet

Aircraft From Microdrones

Completing land surveying from the ground is the industry’s usual approach, but from the air, LiDAR systems can capture rich point cloud data as well. The mdLiDAR1000 from Microdrones is a type of unmanned air system (UAS). It combines a flight-operable frame and a scanner payload to map areas and infrastructure where human and tripod legs can’t stand, such as over gorges, rivers and mining pits.

The aircraft’s instrument has an accuracy of 6 cm and can execute automated missions under precision piloting. Microdrones developed its own workflow software to process aerial scans into CAD-compatible formats once the data collection is complete.

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Allen Instruments & Supplies has served clients throughout Arizona and southern California since 1969, becoming a trusted provider of advanced surveying technology. When you partner with us, we’ll get to know your company’s needs, line of work and available budget so that we can provide the best geospatial solutions for you.

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