Digital & Auto Level Equipment

Levels are optical instruments that are common in the surveying and construction fields. They measure differences in height between two points or determine the heights of objects or structures. Levels are used in a variety of applications, frequently to establish the grade of an area or subsidence monitoring.

Survey Level Equipment

A level generally consists of several parts, including a telescope with a magnifying lens. The strength of the magnification and the distance the telescope can see depend on the model.

A tripod base, usually with a flat or spherical head, is used to mount the level on top. The equipment can rotate on its base for aiming. The instrument must be leveled before use, typically by adjusting a set of three screws so that the interior bubble rests at an accurate position.

An assistant surveyor is also needed, an individual who can stand at the point of measurement with a vertical stick. This item is what the level user sights within the crosshairs of the telescope to determine the height difference.

Become More Efficient On The Jobsite

Equipment Options

Digital Levels

Digital leveling systems for surveying rely on an electronic laser to scan a level staff with bar code markings. This type of level reduces the chance of human error when interpreting graduation marks, and a digital display ensures accurate readings. When job sites need fast and accurate height determinations, precision digital leveling equipment serves as valuable time-saving technology.

An upside to digital levels is the potential for data integration. A surveyor can store readings in the internal memory and refer to them later, or transfer data to computers using external memory ports. Contractors should be aware that digital levels require a battery, which is often rechargeable, to operate.

Auto Levels

Auto levels are among the most common instruments on construction sites today. Instead of using a vertical staff with a bar code, auto level instruments require conventional graduations of inches or centimeters.

When using auto-leveling systems for surveying, setup time reduces slightly because of an internal swinging prism inside the equipment. This suspended piece inside the telescope tilts from the slope of the earth underneath. As long as the tripod base is placed securely, gravity performs most of the work leveling the instrument, and the three screws allow for finer adjustment by the user. These compact pieces of equipment increase productivity for surveyors because of the speed at which they can be prepared to measure at different points.

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