Survey & Engineering

Survey & Engineering

Survey Solutions and Workflow

By combining leading-edge technology with a deep understanding of surveyors’ workflows, data integration and maintenance across the lifecycle of projects, Allen Instruments enables surveyors to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve workflows for field data collection
  • Enhance collaboration capabilities between the field and office
  • Deliver final output to clients & Make well-informed decisions

By integrating sensors, field applications, real-time communications, field and back-office processing, modeling, and analytics, Allen Instruments geospatial solutions facilitate a high quality, productive workflow and data exchange to drive efficiency, productivity, safety and value in organizations of all sizes. The result is rich accurate data that can be transformed into the intelligence required to make informed decisions.

GNSS Solutions Trimble-R2-app-Utilities-Nomad-356_LR

GNSS Solutions

Allen Instruments provides surveyors with reliable GNSS survey solutions that meet their distinct requirements. Whether you need the cable-free convenience provided by Trimble integrated systems, the flexibility of modular systems, or the simplicity of handheld point measurement, Allen has a solution for you.

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Controllers TSC3App


Allen Instruments controllers perform like a trusted member of your team. With a range of connectivity and communication options make setup and data delivery fast and streamlined. Simply choose the form factor that best fits your preferences and requirements and pair with your GNSS receiver or total station.

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3D Laser Scanning Trimble-TX8-app-mineral-thickeners-Geocom-6_LR

3D Laser Scanning

Allen’s product line of scanners helps capture high-resolution data quickly and safely with immense detail and accuracy to visualize and produce compelling deliverables, such as 3D models of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

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Total Stations Trimble-S9-Total-Station-Application-0628_LR

Total Stations 

The precision optics and robotics of Allen Instruments total stations product line are paired with streamlined workflows, innovative training, and in-field support services. Allen has the solution to maximize productivity today.

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