Trimble Monitoring Systems

Trimble monitoring systems provide up-to-the-minute data on the condition and behavior of land or structures. The information enables project stakeholders to make efficient use of resources to address potential problems, improve safety decisions, ensure structural integrity, and future-proof their investment.

Trimble enables professionals to create a system for projects of any size and scope. With options to combine Trimble instruments and software with external geotechnical sensors, users are enabled to create complete, customized monitoring solutions. No matter the size, Trimble’s scalable monitoring solutions can be customized to meet a range of project requirements from post-processed deformation measurement to real-time automated monitoring.


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What we offer
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Trimble 4D Control software >>

Trimble’s 4D Control (T4D) real-time monitoring software provides movement analysis and visualization so you can easily manage one or multiple monitoring sites. It is the core of a monitoring project because it controls the measurements, manages and analyzes the data and alerts, delivering the data you need to make timely decisions. T4D 6.0 introduces three installation options, tailored to the various project requirements of specialized monitoring consultants, land surveyors, construction companies, dam and mining operators.

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Trimble 4D Lite >>

​Many monitoring projects do not require continuous measurements. With Trimble 4D Lite, surveyors, engineers, and scientists can visit projects periodically, collect data to analyze and display without the need for a complex real-time monitoring system. Trimble 4D Lite is a cloud-based web application designed with a robust web interface and back-end stability that will enable you to obtain and analyze the data for your project.

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Trimble Access Monitoring >>

Surveyors looking for a fast entry to deformation monitoring can take advantage of the Monitoring application for the Trimble® Access™ software suite. The Monitoring module guides surveyors through a step-by-step process that speeds up setup, data collection, reporting, and return visits to the same monitoring projects. The workflow is streamlined for regular, but not necessarily continuous, control and deformation surveys.