Mapping & GIS

Mapping & GIS

Total Solutions for Geospatial Mapping and GIS

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) encompasses both the collection of precise location data and its integration into compatible software. It’s an increasingly powerful and versatile technology for multiple applications, including mapping, surveying, conducting maintenance and managing resources. Allen Instruments will make it simpler for your organization to begin using GIS to increase the efficiency of your entire data collection workflow.

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive lineup of data collection tools, as well as the field and office systems used to store and manipulate recorded information. Multiple types of instruments link together to streamline the GIS process. If your organization relies on Esri’s geographic database and related software applications, you’ll find that the Trimble products we carry at Allen Instruments are designed to integrate with these tools and improve all aspects of project management.

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GNSS Receivers >>

Allen’s product line of scanners helps capture high-resolution data quickly and safely with immense detail and accuracy to visualize and produce compelling deliverables, such as 3D models of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

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Handheld computers with GNSS >>

Trimble GNSS handhelds combine a GNSS receiver with a field computer powered by a Windows Mobile® operating system, along with a range of features and accessories for the entire field workforce.

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Mapping Field & Office Software >>

Allen Instruments offers a range of field and office software solutions designed for Mapping & GIS applications. Whether you need to populate a GIS for the first time, update your existing GIS database, or simply view and query GIS data in the field, Allen’s software solutions ensure you maximize productivity and data quality.

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Tablets with Integrated GNSS >>

Trimble’s Tablets are innovative computer products that enable mobile workers to be more efficient in extreme outdoor and industrial environments. The outdoor rugged handheld computers help users collect accurate field data and work more productively in any outdoor or service-related application. The Trimble tablet’s bring the advantages of fast computing power combined with integrated GNSS capabilities, these instruments are powerful, rugged devices created for survey fieldwork, mapping, and GIS data collection and at the same time supports demanding desktop applications.

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Complete GNSS Solutions >>

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System Technology) has continually improved the way surveyors accomplish precise work in the field. Utilizing a GNSS navigation system within your site is an effective way to increase the reliability of many survey applications, including measuring, monitoring and mapping.

Benefits For You

The investment will quickly pay for itself when you buy an Esri-compatible GNSS system from Allen Instruments. You’ll soon discover the host of advantages the products can bring to your operations, including:

  • Higher accuracy: GNSS-capable devices and receivers work together to gather sophisticated locational data from a constellation of satellites.
  • Faster data collection: GNSS-based surveying creates rich data in less time than conventional methods, which will give an added boost to your overall productivity.
  • Multiple device integration: Seamlessly sync collected data across a range of Trimble devices, allowing individual crew members in the field and supervisors in the office to stay in the loop about the entire job site’s conditions.
  • Rapid field-to-office transitions: With the ability to send and receive GIS data between units and personnel, these systems will help your team collaborate easier and be immediately ready to move into the next stage of work.

Allen Instruments Provides Personalized GIS Equipment Solutions

We’re here to help you collect the most accurate field data and leverage it toward producing high-quality deliverables with our all-in-one GIS solutions. Trust the expert team at Allen Instruments — we possess the most industry knowledge in surveying throughout Arizona and southern California. We can assist you in determining the best approach based on your organization’s services and budget, then we can train your employees and support and repair equipment that uses GIS.

Start upgrading your capabilities to harness GIS technology today by contacting us online or calling 800.215.2737.