Most Trimble Access users know that there are a variety of specialized report templates built into the Access “Export” options. Examples include Survey, Stakeout and Volume Computation Report among many others.

But did you know you can add more to this list?

Trimble maintains a website where you can download additional reports and style sheets to add to your export options.

In this article, we will download a custom Style Sheet report template and install it into a TSC7 data collector. Then, we will use the newly installed Style Sheet to generate a custom export.

To begin, you’ll need a source for the desired style sheet(s). If you are a Trimble Business Center user, you can access dozens of pre-made possibilities through the following routine:

Open TBC >> using the Quick Access Toolbar at top of display, select the “Reports” icon >> select “Job Report Generator” >> select “Trimble Style Sheet Website”

Alternatively, you can simply click the following URL:

On the website, you will see a variety of style sheets to choose from. You can download most as zip files that consist of an XSL file. The XSL file is the Style Sheet template, and a JPG file is included as a snapshot example of what the exported file will look like. Be sure to check out the provided Style Sheet Update Notes for recent upgrades and additions to the list. You may discover a new Style Sheet that will create the deliverable you’ve been looking for!

Once you have decided on and downloaded the Style Sheets you want to use, you will need to unzip and copy and paste the desired XSL file(s) to the “System Files” folder of your data collector. On the TSC7, this is:

C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Trimble Data\System Files

Note that the Program Data folder is a hidden folder in Windows 10, so “View Hidden Items” must be enabled in your Windows File Explorer view settings.

Once the XSL files are copied to the appropriate directory, you should be able to open Access, select a Project and Job, and then go to the Export routine. If you have been successful in the above steps, you should see your new Style Sheet in the available export options and use it to generate the desired report. That’s it!

Have an accurate day!